If you wish to engage a marketing course that will help you improve your knowledge, you have probably heard about Kevin David. Most people are skeptical when they have to choose a course because they do not know anything about him.

Therefore, we have to start by saying that he began to the E-Commerce journey in 2017 by creating THATLifestyleNinja. In a matter of one year, he was able to generate approximately two million dollars from Amazon FBA.

That is the way his career started, and since then, he generated six, seven and even eight-figure stores when it comes to E-Commerce and affiliate marketing. 

He also appeared in Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines and launched courses by using his popularity and brand to teach amateurs as well as professional retailers how to create proper and profitable ventures in the E-Commerce industry.

Due to public exposure as well as commercial popularity, other marketers have polarized opinions about him. Therefore, we decided to present you with a comprehensive guide that will help you determine whether Kevin David is legit or not. 

A Brief History of His Success

According to his statements, he started thinking about internet business since 2002, when he was 14 years old. However, he was not broke before he began to, similarly as other conventional models that marketers are using to explain their success stories. 

The fact is that he became part of corporate accounting, which was a professional job that allowed him to think ahead. However, he was not satisfied with the work he handled and wanted to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

At the same time, the job he did consume too much time, which brought him to a point when he lost the freedom to do things, as he wanted. 

This particular situation pushed him to achieve goals and to live on his terms, which is the main reason why he started to use the internet for business purposes.

After reaching a high amount in sales after 12 months of working, he earned approximately two million dollars, which allowed him to share with others his techniques that will help you repeat this particular situation for yourself.

That is when he created the Amazon FBA Ninja program that features interesting content that will help you along the way. 

It teaches you numerous topics from the FBA model to necessary dropshipping information as well as marketing tactics you should follow to reach the same success.

Even though you can find numerous Amazon FBA courses available online right now, the main question people are asking is whether they should pay it or not. It is much better to understand and analyze all the details of the course so that you can create an opinion by yourself.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review


The first question people have when it comes to new courses they wish to engage in whether it is legit or not. Therefore, you should know that it is because it features regular updates as well as attention to details that will help you improve your knowledge.

The more critical question that legitimacy is whether these tips and tricks will help you start a successful business. If you wish to understand and reach the proper conclusion about this particular course, you should consider the pros and cons.


  • You will be able to enjoy in previews through online webinars, which is a significant consideration when compared with other courses online. We are talking about free seminars that will provide you with updated information that will help you throughout the learning process. Remember that you will understand how to start a dropshipping business. Of course, it will not contain all the information that you need about it, but you will get tips and insights that will allow you to decide whether you should enroll or not. As soon as you see the webinar, you will have the chance to enter the program, which is some form of promotion that will improve your overall knowledge.
  • You will have access to the Facebook group filled with past participants and like-minded people who passed these issues. It is an excellent resource that you can use in further career because you can connect and engage with people and learn their experiences in dropshipping business. You should also have in mind that Kevin David visits the group by him, which means that you can directly ask him questions that will help you deal with all the challenges you have.
  • Remember that Kevin David features a stable internet presence, which means that he will be available for any advice you have to ask. You will notice his YouTube channel that has free to access videos and a high number of subscribers. Even though you will find more comprehensive and valuable material when you pay for the course, you will still be able to introduce yourself to his teachings through the YouTube video content. 
  • The best thing about it is that the Amazon FBA Ninja course is regularly updated, and it features eleven core modules as well as additional ones that will provide you a thorough understanding of how to start Amazon FBA dropshipping business. 
  • Finally, you will get tips and tricks that will help you determine which products are simple to sell, how to promote them online, and how to reach a high ranking on Amazon. Some things are unique and not available through free content because we are talking about insider information about how to optimize PPC advertising and how to improve optimization. 

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  • This particular type of business is not for everyone, which means that no one can guarantee success after enrolling in the course. Keep in mind that this program requires plenty of studying and long hours of working so that you can establish business with ease. Therefore, everything depends on the level of your commitment, so if you do not think you can spare at least five hours daily, you should avoid it. At the same time, no job will help you earn effortlessly and without commitment, and that is something you have to remember beforehand.